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Spain Property Web

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Spain Property Website is the 1-Stop Website for Property in Spain. Spain Property Web offers Spanish property for sale by estate agents from all over the Spanish mainland and islands.

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Due to the high number of estate agents in Spain, it is common practice for agents to share properties. This basically means that you will very often find the same property advertised on several websites, often at different prices and with different information.

When you contact an estate agent in Spain requesting information about a specific property, they proceed to list you as their client to protect their future business with you. Whether or not you ever actually meet up with this agent or even have any further contact with them, you will remain as their client in certain property databases.

Why can this be a problem?

In some situations, agents have been known to refuse property viewings on shared properties as a client appears to have registered with many agents which would result in sales commissions being split several ways. As a purchaser you may not be aware of this but as an agent it can be extremely frustrating. All in all, it means that you are not receiving the best service.

How can we disentangle this maze?

By registering with, we will ensure that you are assigned to a suitable agent that will look after all your property search requirements. As your representative, we will ensure that you receive the highest quality service before, during and after the property purchase process.

Our trained customer service team will assist you with your search and will be at hand to offer back up support and deal with any issues that may arise along the way.

Thanks to our experienced team we are aware of the many tricks of the trade that you may be exposed to and prefer to warn you in advance. The following pages will give you insider information on many issues you should consider when looking to successfully and painlessly (well almost!) purchase a property in Spain.

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