What is roomar?

Roomar unites businesses and consumers in a free, no obligation way. Businesses can use the site as an advertising tool to target those consumers that are interested in their product or service, and in turn consumers can follow businesses that interest them. This way, as a business you can market yourself to consumers that want to hear from you and as a consumer you can keep on top of the latest offers from retailers that are relevant to you. It’s a win-win situation whether you’re a business or a consumer (and there’s nothing to stop you from being both!).

What Roomar has on offer:

  1. For you as a consumer
  2. For you as a business


  1. What does Roomar have to offer me as a consumer?

    You can follow businesses that interest you to find out their latest offers and promotions as they happen. The tailored nature of Roomar’s consumer account is that it allows you to specify your areas of interest so that only certain information filters through to your home page. Roomar brings together all of your favourite shopping outlets and service providers in one user-friendly, easy-to-navigate place.

  2. How is it different from other websites?

    Unlike other networking sites, Roomar’s aim is to connect you as the consumer with those businesses that interest you. Instead of being bombarded with lots of generic information which you often may not want to sort through, your home page feed only displays updates from relevant businesses. When you create an account, there are 30 categories for you to choose from. You can choose to stick to certain areas, or if you don’t specify, you will get updates from all businesses that are registered on the site. It’s as simple as that!

  3. Do I have to log in to look at what Roomar has to offer?

    You can browse the businesses on Roomar at your leisure, but if you want to follow anyone then you will need to create an account. This is very easy to do and does not require a lot of personal information from you…plus it free!

  4. Will businesses know who I am?

    Unless you upgrade to a business account, you will remain anonymous if you are following a business. Even if you send a message to a business via the Roomar site, they will not receive any of your personal details (apart from your e-mail address and whatever you choose to put in the message!).

  5. I don’t want lots of spam though. Will I get any?

    Roomar allows you maintain your privacy as a consumer. You can also opt in/out of receiving post, e-mails or calls from businesses, so you will not receive any unwanted attention.

If you have any further questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail us on feedback@roomar.com.


  1. How can Roomar benefit my business?

    Roomar is for all businesses looking to advertise in a new, more targeted way. You have your own web page with your own URL e.g. www.roomar.com/businessname. As a business user, you are then able to publish information about your business, as well as your ‘roomars’ as often as you like. The roomar itself is not a fabricated story, but rather a statement about your business, a glance at your latest offers/promotions, or an update on company news; much like a status update as you may have seen on other sites. All roomars are fed directly through to the Roomar homepage and to consumers that are following you, so that they too can see what you have on offer.

  2. How exactly does it work?

    Once you have signed up and created your business page, your latest roomar is then automatically put at the top of the list on the Roomar homepage, where consumers will get to see/read it and also have the option of clicking onto your Roomar profile.

    Once on your Roomar profile they can then start to follow your business or send you a message direct from your profile page. (This message goes to your primary registered e-mail address and your Roomar inbox). If they decide to follow you, your latest roomar will always be on their homepage, therefore increasing awareness. You can categorise your business by selecting up to 3 areas from 30 categories; this means that your roomars will go directly to the consumers who have shown an interest in your particular categories.

    The good news is that there is no limit to the number of roomars you list. You could publish a new roomar as often as you like; the choice is entirely yours as to how you promote your business.

    Your Roomar profile allows you to upload pictures of your business (up to 20 pictures of up to 5MB each) and write a detailed description. Your company overview will appear in search results and you can use your roomar to give consumers a direct link to your e-mail address and website. You can display up to 4 contact numbers and you also have the option to upload testimonials from customers who have used your business. Whenever a customer comments on your business, you can choose whether or not to publish it on your roomar. The possibilities are endless!

  3. What makes it different from other networking sites?

    Roomar is designed as a B2C tool that enables you to maximise on sales by getting your brand out there. Unlike some other sites, your roomar can be used instead of or in addition to your existing website. Your unique URL means that consumers can come directly to you, and you can save on web development costs by updating your roomar yourself. However, you and consumers visiting your roomar profile can share it with their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as hundreds of other social networking sites across the globe. This all-encompassing aspect of Roomar means that your business opportunities are now virtually limitless.

  4. But how will I know whether or not Roomar is benefitting me?

    We have a statistics page which will allow you to see how many people are following/visiting your Roomar profile and how many have shared your link with the various networking sites. You will also be able to find out how many users have clicked through to your existing website through Roomar or sent you an e-mail through the site. With these comprehensive monitoring stats at your fingertips, we are sure that the proof will be plain to see!

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